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Feel Your Inner Glow!

Leave your worries aside

and prepare to be rejuvenated by a masterfully crafted healing experience at

Moonlight Garden

Massage Spa!

Moonlight Garden Massage Spa is a place of divine healing designed for Every Body to experience soothing of the mind, body and soul.

Beyond excellent Therapeutic Massage Services, we offer luxurious Beautifying Spa treatments, Energy Healing in the form of Reiki and Chakra Balancing, and Spiritual Tarot Card Counseling sessions. All ages are welcome as we also offer sessions for children and teens.

Together we can help increase your feelings of clarity, vitality, peace and gentle joy in life!

I invite you to be an honored guest at my healing spa and experience the Magic for Yourself!

Here at Moonlight Garden Massage Spa, you are always treated as the Goddess you truly are!


Massage Spa

Moonlight Garden

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