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At Moonlight Garden Massage Spa, healing and inner harmony of mind, body and spirit are our top priority. Whether you are interested in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Prenatal, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage or other mainstream modalities, we are able to weave a custom blend of many massage techniques to thoroughly compliment the energies of your unique and wonderful body! We also offer energetic healing modalities in the form of Reiki + Chakra Balancing treatments and Spiritual Tarot Counseling sessions. You will always leave our spa feeling lighter, brighter and relaxed with a sense of relief that lasts well beyond the session. We invite you to explore the many therapeutic massage services Janice offers in the information provided below!

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Therapeutic Massage

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Prenatal Massage



Reflexology Therapy


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Chakra Balancing

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Tarot Reading

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Goddess Glow Facial Massage

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Lomi Lomi

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

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Red Light Therapy

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Sweet Peppermint Scalp Massage

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Paraffin Wax

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Lemon drop
Foot Scrub

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Mini Gua Sha
Cold Stone Facial

Magnesium Rich
Whipped Body Butter



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TENS Unit Therapy


Therapeutic Massage

My style of therapeutic massage goes above and beyond the standard spa experience. I perform a thorough physical assessment and wellness interview before each session in order to better clarify your individual needs and expectations. Your wellness and inner peace are very important to me. I schedule extra time beyond the hands on massage session to provide this thorough process of assessment during which your communications are sincerely heard and valued. We will work together to develop a customized treatment plan for each session. I am confident in my ability to satisfy every level of desired pressure and I am well versed in reading energy in the soft tissue and delivering the most appropriate and effective techniques accordingly. I have earned the honorary title from many of my patients over the years, Small but Mighty. I will provide you a few key recommendations after each massage to help you maintain and deepen the relief you gain from my skill set. Wellness and growth are a daily journey, and I want to help empower you along your path by providing you tailored recommendations for gentle stretches, breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques to benefit your daily practice of living life to the fullest!


Prenatal Massage

You deserve the many supportive and sacred benefits of massage. You are a Divine Feminine. You are a Goddess. You are a precious vessel of Light. You deserve to be treated and regarded as such. Massage has been used since the dawn of humanity to help women feel peaceful, empowered and harmonious in their bodies as they experience the soulful journey of pregnancy and childbirth. This is so vital to the foundation of society that I offer additional complimentary time to maximize the many benefits of massage for you and your baby (or babies)! All trimesters are welcome. Massage has been clinically demonstrated to be safe, gentle and effective throughout the entirety of pregnancy. High level clinical research has repeatedly demonstrated that massage during pregnancy improves outcomes across all indexes of health for both mother and baby. "Her"story, the ancient wisdom of our ancestral grandmothers, testifies to the healing power and beauty of massage while your body welcomes this precious expression of life into our world. 



The way I approach the practice of Shiatsu is a blend of several different forms of Eastern thought and Western osteopathic, physio therapeutic, and therapeutic massage body work techniques. In short, I perform this modality with the patient clothed (no shoes) and I apply hand/finger/elbow  pressure along meridian points and trigger points in the soft tissue to release the blockage of energy which is causing pain. This modality is a convenient, affordable treatment similar to visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment. If you need some quick relief without needing to schedule time for a full therapeutic massage, this is a good option for you to achieve fast acting relief.



Dating back to Ancient Egypt, this modality can effectively relieve pain throughout the entire body. Reflexology focuses on the release of energy blockages in meridian pathways (energy channels) which are accessible via nerve endings in the feet, hands and face. This modality is performed clothed and in a semi -reclined seated position.


Reiki + Chakra Balancing

We are all made of energy, and this life force is concentrated in primary areas of the body. Ancient Hindu traditions (which, btw accurately estimated the age of the Universe according to modern physics theory long before the advent of modern western science) referred to these energy centers as "chakras."


Think about it for a moment. You can feel your chakras quite easily. Throat chakra? Say something, hum something, sing something and you will feel a vibration. That vibration is energy. That energy is part of your throat chakra. So chakras are not so abstract and far fetched a concept as the cynics might suggest. The spiritual and physical bodies are one in the same. Your heart beats and generates a powerful electromagnetic field measurable by modern technological devices measurements. This is your heart chakra and it connects with many channels of energy in the body known in Eastern Medicine as meridian pathways. When the energy field of our body interacts with the energy field of another life form with loving, peaceful or neutral intention, we generally feel better. A quick hug, a gentle touch on the shoulder, a smile, petting an animal and even caressing a soft flower can have a positive effect on our emotional state. This is energy medicine.

Pronounced "ray-key," this is an energy healing modality rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. He studied ancient Buddhist texts that spoke of certain symbols and hand gestures Buddha learned during deep meditation for creating healing energy fields and taught these to his followers. Reiki has gained popularity and clinically proven results throughout the world in recent decades. Reiki is a special kind of healing energy that can be defined as spiritually guided life energy, also known as Love. It uses energetically charged symbols (I have a couple tattoed on my palms), hand gestures, light touch, and gentle affirmations to help promote peace and harmony within the major energy centers of a person's body.

I like to be creative and individualized in my approach to Reiki. My main goal is your relaxation and comfort. I use a combination of gentle light touch, aromatherapy, sound therapy, color therapy and prayer to guide you into a deep state of relaxation. You will leave the session feeling peaceful, calm and gain deeper insight into what your subconscious, energetic body is trying to communicate. Reiki is both deeply relaxing and spiritually clarifying. I invite you to try it and enjoy its many pleasant benefits and revelations!


Spiritual Counseling Tarot Session

Tarot card readings are an ancient form of spiritual assistance for helping people gain clarity and insight into the challenges presented in their lives. As an intuitive empath, I can assist you to consider your situation from a more positive point of view and offer a few spiritual insights to help you achieve your highest, happiest potential moving forward.

I prefer to use Tarot readings as a way to gain insight into the subconscious and help to clarify the most emotionally fulfilling and effective path forward. I believe that Tarot is a very positive and healing way to strengthen someone's expectancies of health, wealth, love and perfect self expression. I use Tarot readings as a way to help bolster others' self esteem and positive regard for their innate abilities. What loving messages is your Higher Self trying to communicate to you? Book a Tarot reading and see for yourself!


Goddess Glow Facial Massage

Did you know that your face has more muscles than any other part of the body? We hold a great deal of tension in our facial muscles which can contribute to headaches and the appearance of accelerated aging. At Moonlight Garden Massage Spa, I know that your beauty is far beyond skin deep. My thorough sense of acupressure points enables me to relieve deep tension in the facial muscles to bring out your natural inner glow! This treatment includes:

-Warm towel compress for the face and neck
-Lymphatic drainage cupping massage
-Hot Stone facial massage
-Cold Stone Gua Sha facial massage
-Red Light Therapy
-Organic non-comedogenic hydrating massage oil


-Professional Massage of neck, shoulders, arms and hands


Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian style of massage performed with minimal draping to allow for continuous flowing strokes along the full length of the body. It creates a very relaxing and therapeutic sensory experience as it allows for both the back and front of the body to be massaged simultaneously. This is a very good choice of modality for people in need of abdominal massage and psoas muscle imbalance. Although this style of massage is best performed fully nude, you remain securely draped  throughout the entire session. Organic unrefined coconut oil is used as the primary massage oil which creates a tropical sensory experience.


Himalayan Salt Stone Upgrade

Himalayan Salt offers many clinically proven benefits for the body including reduced inflammation, balanced pH levels in the bloodstream, improved quality of sleep, and neutralizing the harmful effects of electromagnetic energies on the human body. These benefits combined with the warmth of the stones results in a thoroughly relaxing experience that soothes deep tension in the soft tissues. Additionally, this modality offers a gentle exfoliating effect for the skin, resulting in smoother, softer and glowing skin after the treatment.


Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a gentle, safe and relaxing treatment that effectively reduces inflammation by enhancing the mitochondrial function of cells. It has been clinically demonstrated to improve circulation to the skin, promote collagen production, improve lymphatic drainage and promote feelings of mental well being. Our bodies are designed to receive these wavelengths of light on a daily basis from the Sun; however, in modern day life most of us are starved of this vital nutrient by spending the majority of our time indoors. Red Light Therapy is a like an energetic supplement that helps to restore balanced functioning in the body. Just as plants needs sunlight for energy, so do our bodies! You will love experiencing the many benefits of red light therapy while receiving an expertly delivered Therapeutic Massage!


Organic Aromatherapy (Free)

I use organic, therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance your relaxing experience. I offer this as a complimentary service to all guests if they desire. I enjoy encouraging guests to select multiple selections, so I offer up to three oil choices with this upgrade service. I offer a broad range of therapeutic plant oils for you to choose from, including classics such as lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint. I use them strategically throughout the entire session to create a deeply pleasant sensual experience.


Sweet Peppermint Scalp Massage

This is one of my favorite services! I use a custom blend of organic essential oils that smell just like a sweet peppermint candy cane! It's like having the joy of Christmas all year round! These oils are both pleasantly stimulating and relaxing to the muscles of the scalp, forehead, temples and base of the skull. You will feel the tension melt away with this refreshingly sweet and cooling treatment!


Paraffin Wax Treatment

This upgrade service provides gently warm wax applied to either the hands or feet. The result is gentle relaxation of the small muscles and tissues of the joints and smoother, softer skin. This is an enjoyable and effective treatment for those with tired hands and feet.


Lemon drop Foot Scrub

This treatment uses a mineral rich formula of epsom and himalayan salts to gently exfoliate the skin of the feet and lower legs while delivering muscle and skin soothing nutrients. Its sweet and pleasant aroma (which smells like a lemon drop candy!) is made from organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. This is a gently invigorating way to end your session and give your feet a much needed sense of sweet relief!


Mini Gua Sha Cold Stone Facial

I use authentic jade gua sha massage tools specifically designed for the delicate muscles of the face to provide a soothing service that can relieve headache tension and sinus pressure. This treatment alternates between the use of the cool stones with warm towels to reduce inflammation and congested lymphatic fluid in the face and neck. This ancient Chinese Medicine modality is a suitable upgrade for those interested in lymphatic drainage of the sinuses and improving a feeling of vitality in the face.


Magnesium Rich Whipped Body Butter

This treatment can be applied to the hands and feet for a deeply nourishing experience for your skin! It is an all organic blend of nutrient rich oils combined with the mineral magnesium, which is proven to reduce muscle tension and stress when applied topically to the skin.



I use a silicone cupping set to target areas of tension in the soft tissue. This modality is based on ancient Chinese Medicine which realized the benefits of drawing out stagnant energy from the body through use of negative pressure (i.e. pulling) rather than just positive pressure (i.e. pushing) used in most styles of bodywork. This can be an especially effective modality for athletes or those with stiff joints. This modality also encourages gentle detoxification through the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.


TENS unit

This upgrade service uses a handheld TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to deliver gentle electrical stimulation transmitted through electrodes placed on the skin. The intensity can be adjusted to suit each person's comfort level. As recent as a couple of decades ago, this treatment was only accessible for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a Physical Therapy office. Now, its many benefits of pain relief for both the muscles and nerves can be delivered in an easy and affordable way. I highly recommend this add on for those experiencing pain from a "pinched nerve."

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